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You cannot afford to not be drinking tea. Let me rephrase that in the positive: You should be drinking tea starting today!  Whether you like the British or not, tea time is a genius way to get in some major healthy enzymes, antioxidants, cancer fighting, and metabolism boosters. There are tons of different kinds of teas teas that vary based on the type of leaves and how they are dried.

I’m going to focus on Oolong Tea because of its countless health benefits, including our favorite: boosting metabolism as well as great flavor. There is an enzyme in Oolong tea that helps control the function of fat cells.  Studies have shown that people who consume oolong tea weigh less than people who don’t.  Oolong Tea has also proven to control diabeteshelp with stress management, improve skin, prevent stomach related cancer, and protect from bone decay.

The very act of taking time out of your day to slow down, and enjoy a cup of tea, whether by yourself, or with a friend, is mindful and intentional which in turn promotes a healthy mind which then promotes a healthy body. See how that synchronicity works?  Try taking the mindfulness a little further and take a few moments to focus on your breath, appreciate the journey it took for those dry leaves to get to your cup, and all the wonderful things the tea is doing for your body. This may sound silly, but I promise you will feel a positive shift in your energy.

If you want to read a concise version about the benefits of Oolong Tea, click here.  For a more in depth analysis click here.

Not sure where to get Oolong Tea? Teavana is an awesome tea retailer. You can order online if you don’t have one at your local mall.  I also like Imperial Tea Court at the San Francisco Ferry Building. You can buy their tea online as well!


Photo Credit: Kali McCabe