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Creativity is born from inspiration and that is exactly how I cook. Following a recipe is near impossible for me so I find inspiration from visiting farmer’s markets, watching a food show on tv, reading a travel magazine, or in yesterday’s case, reading a health article.  In case you missed it, there was a big study that was done that proved that a Mediterranean diet reduces heart conditions and stroke by 30%. (http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/26/health/mediterranean-diet-can-cut-heart-disease-study-finds.html?_r=0)  So contrary to the popular low-fat American diets, a diet rich in fats from olive oil and nuts is recommended for optimal health.

Rather than serving the normal “wine and cheese” appetizer (snooze) I was inspired by the Mediterranean and came up with some delicious, healthy, and colorful appetizers that are just too easy to make. These were a crowd pleaser, too!  You can do tons of variations on this idea (for example: substitute turkey for salmon or tuna; substitute tomato for cucumber….).

Trader Joe’s isn’t even paying me for this recipe but they probably should because all the ingredients were purchased there. You can easily find similar products at other markets.

Mediterranean Bites

8 oz Italian turkey breast

12 Cherry tomatoes

Fresh basil

12 Olives

Pesto Gouda cheese, diced

1 Jar artichoke antipasto spread

12 Cocktail sticks

1. Spread a teaspoon of artichoke antipasto spread on a slice of turkey. Roll the turkey and spear.

2. Spear the cheese. Make sure the cubes aren’t so small that they crack. It is better to make them a little bigger than too small.

3. Spear the tomato.

4. Spear a basil leaf

5. Spear the olive through the hole.

6. Plate on a pretty dish. Keep refrigerated until serving.