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Love and Live by Alice Water’s Green Kitchen Manifesto:

1. Delicious, affordable, wholesome food is the goal of the green kitchen.
2. Buy food that is organic, local, and seasonal.
3. Cooking and shopping for food brings rhythm and meaning to our lives. (This one is my favorite!)
4. Simple cooking techniques can be learned by heart.
5. Cooking equipment that is durable and minimal simplifies the cooking.
6. Setting the table and eating together teaches essential values to our children. (My other favorite!)


Alice Waters is the mother of the organic and local food movement that we are benefiting from today. The spring of Farmer’s Markets, Whole Foods, and restaurants that boast seasonal cooking can be attributed to Alice, when 40 years ago she began her crusade to encourage people and restaurants buy fresh, local, and organic to enhance the experience at the table.  Alice Waters’ famous restaurant Chez Pannise, in Berkeley, California has been open since 1984 (the original farmer’s market driven menu), she is the author of countless cookbooks, and has been on the forefront of the political movement to educate school children about eating organic and cooking from the garden.