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I used to be so scared of protein shakes. All I knew was that my muscle hungry brothers had a habit of drinking them like a dog lapse up water in the dead of summer, and that just did not seem congruent (or appetizing) with my female mind or body.  I could not understand how they could ingest 200 calories like it was no big deal….don’t they understand how precious those calories are in a day?  Chalky, watery, mystery powder or a pint of sugar free frozen yogurt? For those calories I am choosing the frozen yogurt.

Then I turned 25 and all the sudden the same calories I always ate were no longer being processed as quickly as they were when I was younger. I was enlightened to the fact that the quality of calories matter in metabolic breakdown, not simply the total calorie count (though that matters, too).  To sum it up: 200 calories of chemical laden frozen yogurt is not used as efficiently in the body as 200 calories of a protein shake, thus making the protein shake a better choice for weight management and overall health. Dangit.

Rule #3 about being a mindful person: Take care of your body and love it. You only have one body in this lifetime and you should treat it as kindly as a Chanel handbag.  Take the time and energy to respect your body by making good food choices; people will notice. You become irresistible when you love and respect yourself.

So how was I going to make a protein shake taste amazing? Because the label “just add water” on the container certainly did not sound appetizing to my snobby palate.  With a few additions reminiscent of a fancy coffee shop or juice bar, I managed to make the protein shake a daily occasion I look forward to!

The Pretty Protein Shake Recipe:

1 scoop protein powder (chocolate or vanilla)

1 cup water (sometimes when I’m feeling extra fancy I use tea rather than water)

1/2 cup almond milk (chocolate or vanilla)

1/2 banana or 1 cup berries (adding fruit/carb to a protein shake makes this a balanced meal)

Ice (I like my shake icy so I use 2 cups but you can vary it depending on your taste)

6 drops of liquid vanilla flavored Stevia or couple splashes of Torani’s flavored syrup, you can get this at almost any grocery store. I use sugar free flavors (cinnamon vanilla, salted carmel, vanilla, raspberry…the flavors keep expanding)

1 tablespoon cinnamon

Totally optional: 1 TBS Instant coffee (regular or decaf. Omit if using tea)

Put it all in a blender and drink up!


Photo credit: http://www.anediblemosaic.com