“I was so bad, I ate two cookies yesterday.”

“I’ll go to the gym tomorrow because I’m being so bad eating this bowl of pasta.”

“I’ve started being really good and eating salads for lunch.”

Sound familiar? We seem to all do it: ascribe a moral quality to our eating behaviors and diets.  I’m sorry, but when did a bowl of ice cream become equivalent to pushing an old lady down a flight of stairs? Now that would make you bad! What you eat is not a reflection of your moral compass so when we start labeling what we consume as being “good” or “bad” the impact this has on our psyche can’t be positive.

What if a cookie was just a cookie and a carrot was just a carrot? What if the emotion behind it was gone? That would be quite liberating.  Imagine what it would feel like to be able to eat whatever it is your body is telling you it wants** and not have to attach it to being good or bad….now that you are allowed, you may actually not want to eat that cookie, anymore. Whoa!

So, PLEASE stop feeding your mind with this unproductive self talk. You will find yourself much happier and healtheir if you let the judgement go.

**Assuming you are eating an overall balanced diet that is rich in nutrients, and low in processed foods.

Photo credit: health clap.com