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One can either feel guilty or feel gratitude for having such luxuries as 70 degree sunshine weather in the middle of February. I often hear people say that they knowingly take the beautiful California weather for granted.  Well, here is a tip: scout out your local farmer’s market; taste the samples; smell the flowers; talk to the farmers; and support your local economy. Farmer’s Markets are inherently about whole foods, organic farming, localism….all the buzz words we hear in relation to health and making the world a better place. The mindful action of going shopping or browsing a farmer’s market reinforces gratitude of the abundance we have where good weather, good food, and a vibrant community come together every Sunday.  And if you don’t live in California, I know that you can find amazing local events that bring community and abundance together and you can practice gratitude.

I promise if you open yourself up to these little pleasures they will begin to add up to something much greater.


**That’s me picking kale at the Melrose Place Farmer’s Market.  Polaroid by Kali McCabe. http://www.kalishotme.com