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The trendy notion that you should be eliminating carbs is just that: a Trend. The truth is that you need carbs to metabolize properly and function at your best, so avoiding carbs completely is a bad idea. However, there is a such thing as good carbs and bad carbs.  A “good” carb is one that qualifies as being in the low glycemic index, and a “bad” carb is one that qualifies as being in the high glycemic index.

What is the glycemic index? In short the GI measures how much a particular food raises your blood sugar and insulin levels.  For people who are prone to diabetes and obesity, keeping blood sugar levels constant is very important.  For healthier people, the GI is important to maintaing your energy levels and cravings.  The goal is to keep your blood sugar and insulin levels from rising.

So let’s talk practicality rather than science. Eat carbs like sweet potatoes rather than white potato. Eat whole oats rather than instant oatmeal. Eat brown rice rather than white rice. Whole wheat toast, rather than white; carrots rather than corn….if you want to see a comprehensive list take a look here: http://www.health.harvard.edu/newsweek/Glycemic_index_and_glycemic_load_for_100_foods.htm

Scary fact: Eating a serving of white rice has the same effect as eating a tablespoon of sugar. YIKES!

The picture and recipe for Tartine Bakery’s wheat bread can be found here. (Tartine is one of the nation’s top bakeries, in San Francisco) : http://www.thefreshloaf.com/node/20033/tartine-whole-wheat-loaf-quotholeyquot-grail